The Saint in Canada

The Saint by Leslie Charteris was popular in all English speaking countries, especially those that were part of the British Commonwealth.


The Musson Book Company

In the 1940s The Musson Book Company published four hardback editions in Toronto. These are considered Canadian First Editions, and their cover artwork is unique to these Saint books.

The back of the Saint Goes West shows the "have you read all the Saint books" list that usually is printed on the back of British Hodder editions.

  • 1942 The Saint Goes West
  • 1944 The Saint Steps In (artwork by Pryne)
  • 1945 The Saint on Guard (artwork by P)
  • 1947 The Saint Sees it Through (artwork by Walker)

The Saint Goes West, Musson of Canada The Saint Steps In, Musson of Canada The Saint on Guard, Musson of Canada The Saint Sees it Through, Musson of Canada



The Complete Bibliography of Leslie Charteris

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