Roger Moore as The SaintRoger Moore

Actor who played Simon Templar, alias The Saint, on Television

Roger Moore played The Saint in the 1960s TV series. As the first person to portray Leslie Charteris' Simon Templar on the small screen, Roger Moore solidified people's ideals of The Saint into an iconic depiction of the role. In many people's eye's, the vision of Roger Moore driving a white Volvo P1800 across their television screens will always be the perfect adaptation of The Saint books into another medium. Roger was perfect for the role, and brought a great deal of life and gentleman humor to the character.

Roger Moore as The SaintThe Saint (black and white)

Starring Roger Moore

In late 1961, Leslie Charteris finally sold the television rights to The Saint to producer Robert S. Baker, who teamed up with Lew Grade of ITC to film 71 black and white episodes. These episodes were based on the books and short stories written by Leslie Charteris, with additional material added by the screenwriters listed below including Harry Junkin. The show was well-received by British audiences, but ITC could not find a network in the US to carry the show. ITC syndicated The Saint in the US, and it became a huge hit, making it one of the most successful first-run syndicated shows in history.

Roger Moore as The SaintThe Saint (color)

Starring Roger Moore

With most of the original Charteris stories translated to the small screen, and the contract running down, ATV-ITC penned a new contract to continue the series, in color, and with newly created stories that Charteris had the right to request any changes he wanted. The producers had to submit the stories to Charteris, but unfortunately they were not legally obligated to take any of his advice -- advice that they were paying him a steep consulting fee for. Along with the new contract came a deal with NBC in America to show The Saint in network primetime. The color series lasted 41 episodes, with many of the best being penned by John Kruse. All of the color episodes in this series are available in DVD sets from A&E Home Entertainment.

The Saint and the Fiction-Makers movie poster US The Saint and the Fiction-Makers movie poster UK1968 The Fiction-Makers

ITC Television, Approx. 105 minutes, 9503 feet.

Rewritten as a novel by Fleming Lee as The Saint and the Fiction-Makers (40-BX, 1968). Directed by Roy Baker. Produced by Robert S. Baker. Screenplay by John Kruse and Harry W. Junkin.

Starring Roger Moore as Simon Templar, Sylvia Syms as Amos Klein, Justine Lord as Galaxy Rose, and Kenneth J. Warren as Warlock.

Vendetta For The Saint movie poster1969 Vendetta for The Saint

ITC Television, Approx. 90 minutes, 8145 feet.

Based on the Leslie Charteris novel Vendetta for The Saint (37-B41, 1964). Directed by Jim O'Connolly. Produced by Robert S. Baker. Screenplay by Harry W. Junkin.

Starring Roger Moore as Simon Templar, Ian Hendry as Allessandro Destamio, Rosemary Dexter as Gina Destamio, and Aimi Macdonald as Lilly.


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The History of The Saint on TV

The Saint was finally adapted for television in 1962, with Roger Moore portraying the Saint in 71 black and white, and 47 color episodes. The show came to an end in 1969, but later resurfaced in 1979, aptly named The Return of The Saint. Ian Ogilvy was the new Saint for 24 color episodes, but didn't last long. A pilot for a new Saint show was made in 1987 by D.L. Taffner, starring Andrew Clarke as The Saint. There were no other episodes other than the one pilot episode. Then, in 1989 the Saint was once again welcomed back to television in six 2-hour movies featuring Simon Dutton as Simon Templar, alias the Saint. The Saint returned again to the small screen in 2013, with Adam Rayner in the starring role.

Other Actors Who've Played The Saint

Portrals of Simon Templar on Film in Movie Motion Pictures:

Louis Hayward, George Sanders, Hugh Sinclair, Jean Marais, and Val Kilmer

The Saint Radio shows on Old-Time Radio:

Vincent Price, Barry Sullivan, Brian Aherne, Edgar Barrier, Felix Marten, Lawrence Dobkin, Paul Rhys, Terence De Marney, Tom Conway, and Tom Meehan

Actors who played The Saint on Television TV Programs:

Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy, Andrew Clarke, Simon Dutton, and Adam Rayner

Starring as The Saint in Photoplay:

Leslie Charteris



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